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The wet and mild autumn and winter require good gear to control weeds.

Here is a short film that describes the establishment of spring barley in an organically grown field and how to keep the field clean of root and seed weeds.

We hope the film can provide some inspiration for your business. Click on the picture to watch the film.

At CMN we are working hard to continue to support our customers with expertise, machinery and spare parts for organic weed control. Contact us for a favorable spring offer.

CMN maskintec A/S is a Danish development and production company in the field of agricultural machinery and garden/park machinery.
The product range covers the following areas: Reduced soil treatment, direct seeding in nitrogen-fixing crops, mechanical weed control in farm crops, total cleaning of uncultivated land, cutting of banks alongside roads, maintenance of sports pitches, grain management and product development.
The individual products are described under the main groups.
On the page field you can read about new tests, demonstrations or updated information from us or other users of CMN products.
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