Grain management

With the CMN flexible walls you can enlarge or reduce your silo facilities completely without the use of tools and, furthermore, independant of pole holes.

It is a well-known fact that the various crops do not take up the same amount of space each year either due to yield fluctuations or that the same crops cover a different area. We can solve this problem by means of the flexible elements and thus, you can utilize your dehydrator most optimally.

The walls are built of ‘Spåndex’ boards and fitted with a sturdy metal frame. Joining the elements together is done by pushing the element into the u-fillet of the following element.

The wall element is kept into place by means of the grain pressure upon the base.

CMN grain throwerr

With the CMN grain thrower you will get more user possibilities and better performance – at a reasonable and competitive price.

The CMN grain thrower has a capacity of up to 40 tons of grain per hour, a throwing distance of up to 15 metres, and a put-up-height of 4 metres.

Why choose a CMN grain thrower?

  • Because it is able to throw the grain freely in any direction.
  • Because it works in any crop irrespective of moisture percentage.
  • Because it works in almost any floor silo.
  • Because it has a high capacity.
  • Because it is easy to use.
  • Because maintenance requirements are at a minimum.