CMN stubble-seeder is a combination of a stubble cultivator and a seed sower for sowing directly onto stubble or ploughed earth. At the same time the cultivator may be used for traditional stubble tillage.

The CMN stubble-seeder first cuts through the field with the stubble cultivator’s strong blades equipped with wing shares.

The soil is now loosened ready for the hydraulic long finger harrow, which in turn flattens the remaining straw and stubble and earths it over. The working depth of the cultivator is controlled by a wheel and the hydraulic tubular packer roller.

This combination gives you an effective stubble cultivator

It is possible to establish crops directly by fitting a seed sower to your stubble cultivator.

The stubble-seeder sows the corn in two rows under the wing share. The approximate width of the rows is 10 cm and the central distance between them is 21 cm. After exact positioning, which is controlled by a wheel and packer drum, the hydraulic long finger harrow creates alignment and fine division of the seed bed.

In other words: With the CMN stubble-seeder you can be sure that your crops will be established effectively and reduce your machinery expenses at the same time.